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5 Ways to Earn Good Money For Any Niche In 2021

So being an online entrepreneur for over 5 years now I can honestly tell you that it's not easy creating a consistent network of income streams in your online business. However at the same time there are numerous options for one to do just that, and secure a consistent cashflow. In my opinion, what makes this task hard is that a lot of entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed and are not even sure where to start.

This feeling can lead to most, just giving up and not pursing these income streams at all.

Here's the thing though. It's not as hard as they may think.

It only takes direction, a little self learning, and assertive action to start building some cashflow into your business.

So to give you a little direction, we will go over 5 ways to earning money in any niche.

That's right, no matter what business niche you may be in, these are ways you can start

earning income with just a little hard work, time, and effort.


Contrary to what most online advocates will say, Blogging is not dead. It still remains to be a very lucrative way to start earning money online. Blog site builders such as Wix and Bluehost/Wordpress, are still very powerful platforms that allows it's users to create and manage their own blog site easily.

Once you have created you own blog space, you are then free to start writing and promoting on any topic that is related to your niche. Unlike social media sites you give yourself the flexibility to add and promote content, without the threat of being banned or flagged.

Also once your blog starts to gain some popularity and followers, you will be contacted by

vendors offering you sponsorships or commissions to promote their products.

So if you have a knack for writing and creating good content, then blogging may be very beneficial for you.

Ecommerce Websites

This one is kind of obvious, but online stores can make you some big time income. Ecommerce along with Affiliate Marketing are still 2 of the easiest ways to earn money online.

When done together it can mean some big time income for your business.

For instance, being an affiliate for Amazon has continued to be a very profitable way for many to get their feet wet in the business. Many entrepreneurs create their own Amazon stores and they make major profit everyday.

Just recently 2 marketers (Aidan Booth and Steve Clayto) have created an amazing way to making you quick money of this very platform. Their product is called The Kibo Code, and this course has taken many from zero profit to 6 figures within months.

Another way to get a store going is Shopify. This site is specifically created for you to get a shop up and running in no time. You can customize the theme of your store with ease, making it targeted to your niche of choice.

I personally went the Shopify route when I first started online. It made me a lot of money, however it just wasn't something I really liked doing. However what doesn't work for some

can work for many.

So if you have an itch to start a store for your niche, then this can be very profitable.


If you happen to have a certain skill set that most don't in your niche of choice, their are sites that allow you to offer your services. This is called Freelancing and it has been around basically even before the internet started.

Sites like Fiverr allow you to post ads that you can offer your special skills to others in your niche.

While Fiverr is a site that focuses basically on online work, Freelancer is another site that lets

you offer services in a variety of areas. Many have made this their main source of income through using these platforms.

So if you are somewhat of an expert in your niche, you'd be surprised how many people can use your talent for certain projects.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around since the dawn of the internet and while many may think it is a dying form of online business; that couldn't be farther from the truth. You will always here a lot of online business gurus say that "The Money Is In The List".

Now the list they refer to is an email list and I'll tell you right now they are dead on right!

In any online business you are going to need to build yourself an email list. This is an absolute must.

Statistically a lot of sales that are made online are from email offers. You always here of people that have big email lists making like $10,000 off of sending out 1 email offer. Many might find that hard to believe but the fact is it's true.

The thing you must understand is that an email list is like the backbone of your online business. This list is filled with leads of people who are interested in one way or another in the niche you have selected. If you nurture this list by sending valuable content, and offers, then you can make some big time money just by sending a few emails.

GetResponse and Aweber are 2 very popular email autoresponder services that offer services for you to build your own valuable email list of targeted niche leads.

If you expect success online this is definitely a step you don't want to pass up.

Youtube/ Social Media

Now it may come as a no brainer these days that Youtube and social media sites can be one of the most powerful platforms to use, when it comes to scaling an online business. These days almost everyone on the planet has a Facebook account and a lot of people watch Youtube videos daily.

Using Facebook and other sites like Instagram gives you the ability to not only sell thru ads on their platforms, they are also useful to create brand awareness for your business. Creating a Facebook page for your brand can take your business to new heights as it will give you the

tools to capture leads that are interested in your niche. It is also a great way to personally connect with potential customers. Which is very important.

Instagram is also very similar, and this also gives you the ability to connect with leads.

Another great thing about Instagram is you can connect with Instagram Influencers that are linked to your niche. These Influencers can a lot of times have thousands of followers. By connecting with these Influencers you can make deals for them to promote certain offers or services that you have for your niche. This is becoming a highly powerful way to get major income to your business.

Now while these Social Media sites can be extremely lucrative assets for your business, they are restricted in some ways. So be careful how you use them.

Then there's YouTube. Now I have to say this can be the most profitable source you will have for your business.

Creating a Youtube channel gives you so many options that you can utilize to scale your business. Not only does it give you the ability to speak and create content on your niche of choice; it also gives the leads the chance to get to know who you are. Which is very important when it comes to trusting you as an expert in that niche. Trust creates sales.

There are also so many ways to earn money from this platforms. Reviews, Ads ,and tutorial videos can have you raking in dough in no time. This being because unlike Facebook and Instagram, you are allowed to use affiliate links in your video descriptions.

This can be some of the best free traffic sources you can use.

Also as your channel grows and you gain popularity, you can also profit from adding ads to your videos. This is usually the main source that most Youtubers make their money from.

It may take time but getting more and more views to your channel equals more money.

So There Ya Go...

Now these 5 sources of income are in my opinion the main tools that can be used to create constant cashflow to your business. There are more but I can leave that for another post.

So now you know that it really isn't that hard to create a regular income online.

The only thing to do is get out there and get the work done. Nothing grows without the work being put in. Good luck

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