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Perpetual Income 365 Review + Super Bonus

Updated: Feb 7

So these days, more than ever, making money online has been the way to go; since this pandemic has caused many to be out of work. However the task of actually starting your own business online can be both scary and leaves one riddled with uncertainty. Most people don't even know where to start or what kind of business model to get into; but some have found the easiest way to start earning an income online. Affiliate Marketing.

Now Affiliate Marketing may be one of the easiest routes to earning an income online. However getting started as a newbie can still be a very confusing and daunting process. Learning about landing pages, email writing, capturing leads and choosing what to promote can be alot for a beginning entrepreneur to take in.

Recently there has been a big surge in affiliate softwares that have been created that basically take all the tools needed to start up an affiliate marketing business and set it all up for you in one system. DFY (Done For You System)

Perpetual Income 365 is one such software that apparently has been helping affiliates get started in making passive recurring commissions online.

At first I wasn't going to do a review of this product but as it's popularity on the affiliate network Clickbank has gradually grown; I began to let my curiosity get the best of me.

So I gave in and went ahead a got a copy for review.

What Is Perpetual Income 365

So as I stated above Perpetual Income is a DFY software created by 7 figure entrepreneur Shawn Josiah. He is a very smart marketer that has done very well for himself in a very short time. I had the opportunity of seeing him speak at an affiliate summit last year and I can definitely tell you that he knows his stuff.

Now in PI365 Shawn claims that the basis of this system is based off a secret algorithm that all streaming companies, like Netflix, use to make huge money off their customers. I can't fully say if this is true or not but by going thru the system I can see how this is utilized.

In the video below I will go thru this software with you. I'll explain how it works and what you'll learn from this DFY system. We'll go over the pros and cons and why I think that this

product can work for you.

Click Play Below

Only 15 Super Bonuses Left

Click Here To Get Perpetual Income 365 + Your Super Bundle Package

Main Course - You'll get access to done for you list building optin pages that you can integrate with your own affiliate id and autoresponder service. DFY 30 day email follow up sequence built into your system.

A step by step training guide to set you on the right path to making sales right away.

Traffic training that gives you options on where you want to get your traffic and the

level of premium traffic visitors you would like.

(In my Bonus Package I will be giving you my little black book of the traffic providers I personally use, that give me consistent sales.)

You will also receive special bonus tools that will help you in your campaigns.

-Link Masker: This tool will help in hiding your affiliate links so that they have more deliverability in your email broadcasts. It basically keeps you out of the Spam box.

-Content Fountain: This tool allows you to copy and rewrite email swipes from the offers

affiliate page. Used with the link master tool, it will also help in improving your offer deliverability.

-Money Page Broadcasts: This tool allows you to send already done for you broadcast emails

to the leads on your money page lists.

Product Price: $9 - 14 day trial period, then $44 monthly fee for use of the system and its tools

And lastly you will get my Super Bonus package that I will lay out at the end of this page.


5 Click Profits: This upgrade will give you access to special edits that you can make to your optin money pages. These add ons to your pages have been tested and proven to convert into sales.

($197) however you are given a discount one time offer on the sales page.

Email ATM: This is a very unique upgrade that gives you access to a tool that allows you to

pick from products tested by Shawn, and send them as offers to your leads on your list. All products are proven to convert and come with a huge list of email swipes that work well with

them. You can also pick your own URL to a product of your choice and use the tool in this fashion. This in my opinion is a very powerful tool and is something that can get you major sales. ($197)

Perpetual Asset Multiplier: This upgrade gives you more access to Money Page templates that you can use. When you start off, you are only given the choice of only 2 templates.

Upgrading gives you the choice of all money pages.

($127) again you are given a one time discount on the sales page.

Income Streams Download: This is a PDF ebook that you can download that will give

you a course on income streams that any marketer can utilize for more profit.



Mindset Training: In these videos Shawn does an amazing job at giving you the tools you need to be in the right mindset for starting a profitable online business.

Having the right mindset is crucial for success in this business and I'm glad he added this in the program.

Bi-Weekly Live Training: Shawn holds a live training stream every other week, which I think is great for members of this program. Topics covered vary from week to week and is definitely

helpful to not only beginners but even advanced users will learn effective lessons.

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In Summary

So in my opinion this system is great for beginner affiliate marketers that are just getting their feet wet into the business. There are alot of DFY systems out there that just throw something together and give it to their members with out any sort of direction or training.

This system however actually gives it's users a very thorough idea of how affiliate marketing works and at the same times gives them the ability to make recurring commissions. It also gives them a great idea of how to gain leads and how to follow up with those leads to make sales.

I do believe that not just beginners can benefit from this software as it has qualities to it that can benefit both intermediate and advance marketers. Utilizing this systems tools can help any marketer make a killing on just about any offer they promote.


Very easy to use system that actually gives results, depending on how much you put into it.

The ability to make recurring commissions, is gold.

Training is absolutely amazing and is definitely a great asset to using this system.

Tools given are actually well worth it.


Not able to edit your money pages unless upgraded.

Upgrades are bit steep in price but are actually worth it.

(You are given a one time offer to get the upgrades at a discounted price.)

Traffic sources are explained but the best traffic sources are not included. In my opinion.

Only 15 Super Bonuses Left

Click Here To Get Perpetual Income 365 + Your Super Bundle Package

Super Bonus Package

I have have put together a brand new Bonus Package to the first 50 people that purchase

"Perpetual Income 365" from this blog.

(Only 15 remaining)

Bonus #1: My Affiliate Initiative 3 module series will help those who are beginning, or even those who are more seasoned, have a better understanding of the process of affiliate marketing. Topics covered go from product selection to advance marketing tactics, will give you an edge with growing your business. Valued at ($39.99)

Bonus #2: The Affiliate Initiative-Funnel Elite is a 3 module series that teaches you about the process of creating sales funnels. I didn't find much training on this topic in Perpetual Incomes training section, so I added this to my bonuses. In my opinion sales funnels are a very crucial step in making affiliate sales. Valued at ($44.99)

Bonus #3: The Affiliate Initiative- Sendgame is a 3 module series that I thought fitting to add as a bonus seeing as a big part of earning recurring commissions with Perpetual Income 365, comes with email sequences.

In this course you will learn about email platform basics, email automation, and creation of sale converting emails. Valued at ($44.99)

Bonus #4: The Affiliate Initiative- Paid ads course is a 3 module series that goes into how to leverage the powerful source of paid advertisement. Topics covered range from Facebook ads to exploring banner ad options. This is a huge plus for this product as it is a high converting product with paid ads. Valued at ($39.99)

Bonus#5: Solo ads Black Book... So Seeing as this system uses Solo ads as the main traffic source. I have decided to give you my personal suggestions for solo ad providers. You are given sources in Perpetual Income but in my opinion they are not the best sources. So I have put together a list of providers that I personally use, that are proven to get sales.

So if you decide Perpetual Income 365 is for you, Purchase this product using my link below and I will send you these bonuses; that I'm sure will give you the best chance at making sales with this system.

I will only be giving out a limited amount of bonuses, so act quickly!

To claim your bonuses simply send me a screenshot of your receipt from Clickbank to show that you have purchased this product.

You can send the screenshot to this email address:

and I will send you your super bonuses.

Put (Super Bonus) in the Subject line so I will know.

Only 15 Super Bonuses Left

Click Here To Get Perpetual Income 365 + Your Super Bundle Package

In Closing

So that would be everything you need to know about Perpetual Income 365. I hope you found this review helpful, and be sure to bookmark my website so you can have access

to all my future posting of tips, strategies and reviews.

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